The 100 Oldest Americans


Who are the 100 oldest Americans on record? Where did they live? What age did they live to? To find out, we analysed data from The Gerontology Research Group (GRG) and created a series of charts and an interactive map (below), which shows how many of the oldest Americans lived in each State (and who they were). Start by hovering over a State in the map below to see who lived there, then scroll down for the charts.

[infogram id=”_/h0oEuJb7pFuERvXrhikP” prefix=”YY7″ format=”interactive” title=”100 oldest americans”]

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You’ll notice in the chart above, that one of the 100 oldest Americans on record is still alive. That’s Adele Dunlap, who was born in New Jersey on December 12th 1902, and is still living there 113 years and 223 days later! Adele became America’s oldest citizen this month, after the previous oldest living American Goldie Michelson died one month short of her 114th birthday.

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So the data suggests that if you are a woman, who was born in Georgia, and then moved to California… you have a good chance of living a long life!

Finally, congratulations to Adele Dunlap for becoming America’s most senior citizen!