Dangerous Hobbies

Life Insurance for Skydivers: Jump for Affordable Rates

When you are an extreme hobbyist, and the thought of jumping out of an airplane at 12,000 feet going 115 mph makes you jump for joy, it may be a little difficult to see an insurance company’s point of view on skydiving….

Life Insurance for rock climbers. Man climbing along roof in cave at sunset.

Life Insurance for Rock Climbers: Get a Grip on Good Rates

Since no two climbers are the same, the insurance company will want to find out more about your hobby in order to charge you the right premium. This is a good thing for you so don’t be scared….

Life Insurance for Dangerous Hobbies - Man dangling feet off building.

Life Insurance for Dangerous Hobbies: Get Fair Rates

Just because you participate in a dangerous hobby doesn’t mean you have to settle for cut-rate insurance or inadequate insurance limits. You will still want to locate the most competitive rates for your situation….