Term Life Insurance

comparison of 20 and 30 year term life insurance

20-Year vs 30-Year Term Life Insurance

Whether you decide on a 20-year term or a 30-year, both policies are basic term life insurance plans. That means that they are pure life insurance. Unlike whole life insurance, you’re not paying for both life insurance and an investment provision. For this reason, whether you choose a 20-year policy, or a 30-year one, you will pay only a fraction of the premium that you will for a….

differences between 10 yr and 20 yr term life periods

10 Year vs. 20 Year Term Life Insurance

Let’s do an analysis of 10-year vs. 20-year term life insurance, and see if we can sort this out. The answer will depend mostly on your own personal circumstances, but there are some general factors that you should take into consideration when making the…

Types of Term Life Insurance: Which is Right for You?

There are several types of term life insurance options to choose from, each designed for different needs. The following are the most common types of term policies you can choose from….