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Life Insurance with Crohn’s Disease: How Will My Rates Be Affected?

Life with Crohn’s Disease can be a rollercoaster experience. Flare-ups can be so severe, they result in hospitalization. In fact, an estimated 57,000 people are hospitalized for complications of Crohn’s Disease every year. For most people, however…

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance: When To Consider It

For many people, the biggest hassle of buying life insurance is the medical exam. Seems silly, but most insurance companies will not accept an exam from your doctor. No exam life insurance allows you to buy coverage to protect your family without submitting….

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Life Insurance Settlement Options

A settlement is the way your life insurance policy proceeds are paid. There are many life insurance settlement options that can be confusing at first; your policy may pay out a lump-sum cash payment, life income, a fixed amount, or interest paid periodically. As a policyholder, you can usually choose the settlement method you prefer although your beneficiary may….