Life Insurance With Addison’s Disease

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Getting approved for affordable life insurance rates if you have Addison’s disease can be pretty tough.

Or is it?

Sure, Addison’s will matter but cheer up! Not all hope is lost. It turns out that if follow good advice, you can find reasonable rates and get the life insurance coverage you want.

After this article, you’ll know exactly what to do. Here is what we’ll cover:

  • What is Addison’s disease
  • How will the insurance companies look at your condition
  • What questions will they ask
  • What health class will you be placed in
  • How much will it cost
  • Best life insurance companies for Addison's

What is Addison's Disease?

Finding life insurance with addison's disease

Addison's disease or Addison disease or chronic adrenal insufficiency or hypocortisolism and hypoadrenalism. Signs and symptoms. Human silhouette with highlighted internal organs

The result of the adrenal glands being unable to produce enough of the hormones needed for normal body functions. Addison's is an adrenal insufficiency or hypocortisolism. Cortisol and Aldosterone are the hormones whose production suffers when the adrenal cortex is damaged.

Cortisol - Stress regulator

Aldosterone - Sodium and potassium regulator

Addison's disease is a pretty rare illness, affecting 1 out of 100,000 people. There are two major classifications, primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency.

​Primary Adrenal Insufficiency

Often the result of an immune system attack on the adrenal glands, primary insufficiency results in your glands damaged to the point they are no longer producing hormones. This is considered to an autoimmune disease and could be caused initially by an infection such as tuberculosis, which is to blame for 20% of cases.

Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency

If the pituitary gland does not produce enough of the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). This hormone is what tells the adrenal glands when to release hormones.

How Will the Insurance Companies Look at Your Condition

If you suffer from an adrenal insufficiency, you will be looking for what is considered "high-risk life insurance".

Life insurance underwriters are concerned about further health problems that Addison’s disease might lead to such as cardiovascular disease or events, cancer, as well as an adrenal crisis.


First and foremost, they want to know when you were diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. If it’s very recent (6-12 months ago) your options will be limited and many carriers won’t insure you.

The underwriters want to see a track record of levels being controlled and with minimal symptoms. The more time that passes, the more confidence they’ll have that you are following and reacting well to the program your endocrinologist has laid out.

Typical treatments are:

  • Hydrocortisone
  • Prednisone
  • Fludrocortisone​

Picture of boy writing on chalkboard with the words

Follow your program, take your medications, and understand that if Addison’s is new, life insurance coverage may be difficult for a period of time.

What Questions Will Be Asked

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Have you been hospitalized as a result of Addison’s?
  • Describe your symptoms
  • Have you had an Addisonian crisis? If so, when?
  • Do you experience joint agitation, dizziness, or pain in the extremities?
  • Any decrease in heart rate or low blood pressure?
  • Fatigue or general weakness?
  • Weight loss or decrease in appetite?
  • Fainting spells?
  • Any salt cravings?
  • Presence of sores in the mouth?
  • Family history of diabetes?

All the above relate mainly to Addison’s Disease. The normal questions about overall medical history and your lifestyle will still apply and will play a part in the underwriting decision.

What Health Class Will You Be Placed In

Here's the thing...

life insurance ratings for addisons disease

A recent diagnosis will likely result in a postponement of your insurance application.

Your health class determines how much you pay for your insurance policy. Addison’s disease will certainly play a factor in your health rating.​

If you were diagnosed in the past 6 months to 1 year, you are probably looking at a “postpone” with most carriers. This is because they want to see an established track record of treatment and medications. It’s just too soon to know at this point.

The postpone is not a definite decline, think of it more as a “come back later”.​

After 1 year, if there have been no hospitalizations or Addisonian events, you can qualify with many insurance providers. This also assumes a documented history of regular medication and treatment. The actual rating you receive will depend largely upon the information in your records, physician’s notes, and lab reports.

Preferred and Preferred Plus​

Highly unlikely with an adrenal insufficiency. These ratings are reserved for people in excellent health.


If you are otherwise in good health, the Standard health class is possible if the adrenal insufficiency is not related to cancer of any kind. Most underwriters will not want to see any episodes in the last 5 years.

Sub-Standard Table ratings

Table ratings are the levels below Standard. Underwriting will be looking at how many hospitalizations and episodes you’ve had with more weight given to recent events. Even with a mild and well controlled adrenal insufficiency, you may be offered a table rating if there are other small unrelated health issues.

Every insurance company is different on their underwriting guidelines so it’s important to apply only with those that have more leniency towards your specific condition and issues.

How Much Will It Cost?

Sample life insurance quotes with Addison's Disease - 40-year-old female - Standard Health Class

Death Benefit

10 Year

15 Year

20 Year













Sample life insurance quotes with Addison's Disease - 38-year-old male - Standard Health Class

Death Benefit

10 Year

15 Year

20 Year













Best Life Insurance Companies for Addison's Disease

For some health conditions, we have clear cut insurance companies that we send all our clients to. For others, it’s on a case by case basis as the right one for you could be very different from the right one for another person with an adrenal deficiency.

Our approach:​

  1. Fact finding discussion with the client. We know exactly the questions to ask.
  2. Analyze the total health picture in order to match you with the most lenient company and increase the chance for approval at lowest possible rates.
  3. Contact one or several insurance carriers to get a pre-qualification offer based on your situation.
  4. Formally apply to the company that comes back with the best offer

But I could do this on my own?


But why? You won't have the experience and contacts we do. Even if you did, you don't save any money going direct. Not even 1 penny!

Let us help you get the life insurance coverage you deserve, even if  you suffer from Addison’s Disease.

​Please fill out a quote request or contact us today to discuss your options.

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