About Simple Life Insure

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Bennett Bier licensed life insurance agent.

Bennett Bier Owner and licensed life insurance agent of Simple Life Insure

I’m Bennett Bier, owner and nationally licensed life insurance agent of Simple Life Insure.   

I believe working with a small independent broker offers consumers more personal attention and superior customer service. Benefits rarely found at large insurance enterprises or when dealing with call centers.

As an independent agency I have access to many of the top A+ rated life insurance carriers.  

This lets me locate a plan that you will qualify for while saving you money at the same time. 

Over the years I have mastered the art of underwriting, getting approvals even for my highest risk clients.

I’m also likely the person that will answer the phone when you call.



About Ty Stewart and Simple Life Insure

Ty Stewart – Founder- Simple Life Insure

I’m Ty Stewart, Founder and of Simple Life Insure. 

I have been researching and studying about life insurance since I got my first policy for my own family.  

I purchased my first policy for my wife, Marlo, before we were engaged. I then added an additional policy when my daughter Harper was born.

I saw the need to bring more information about the process to others that are wanting to protect their families with an affordable life insurance plan as well.  

At Simple Life Insure, we are independent life insurance only specialists.

Our loyalty is to you and NOT the insurance companies.

This freedom allows us to always put our client’s interests first and you’ll never pay a penny for our services.

Our Mission:

Get you the lowest rate on a policy with the best company for your specific needs and situation.

Our Philosophy:

Earn your business by first earning your trust through education without sales pressure.

We have chosen to only specialize in life insurance because we sincerely believe in its value.

While based in the San Diego area, Simple Life Insure is able to serve clients throughout the United States.

We are sincerely interested in finding the right policy for your situation regardless of carrier.

5 Smart Reasons to Work with Simple Life Insure:Stewart Family

  1. We simplify the process

    Let us do the hard work in fighting for you behind the scenes. You will be updated every step along the way.

  2. Complete transparency

    We operate entirely on a trust basis. Nothing is hidden from you, ever. We use video screen sharing to show you the quote search process, keep you in the loop, and expedite each process with ease.

  3. Aggressive underwriting pre-approval

    Little known fact: Only around 5% of applicants will qualify for the top health class known as Preferred Plus.

    After reviewing your needs, we tap into our extensive network of relationships to work the underwriters BEFORE you actually apply. Many brokers throw mud against the wall to see what sticks. This not only prolongs the process but multiple declines can HURT your chances of being approved. Getting pre-approval straight from the insurer — in advance –saves our clients both time and stress!

  4. We ONLY sell life insurance

    That makes us true specialists. While others may make that claim, their lack of exclusivity and expertise in the ever-changing life insurance industry strongly refutes it. We are laser-focused on serving our life insurance clients with a level of information and attention second to none.

    From no exam insurance to a wide range of “high risk” situations, it’s our job to stay on top of everything and always find our clients the absolute LOWEST rates.

    While most of what we help with is straight term life insurance, if you need something permanent, guaranteed universal is an EXCELLENT option. Not everyone knows about it, and we love talking GUL with clients.

  5. Absolutely no sales pressure, ever, ever, ever!

    I’m so tired of salespeople saying this and then using some tactical script or process that tries to disguise their pressure. At Simple Life Insure, we believe you are smart enough to make an informed decision on your own.

    We answer your questions and make sure you have access to the best options for your unique situation. The decision about moving forward is yours alone, whether that is today, tomorrow, or next year.