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life insurance premiums for people with glaucoma

How Glaucoma Affects Life Insurance Rates

Taking the first step to finding life insurance when you have any medical issue can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be: It is possible to find good (and affordable) life insurance even if you suffer from glaucoma. We’ll show you how. After this article, you’ll know exactly…

life insurance with osteoporosis

Effect of Osteoporosis on Life Insurance

If your Osteoporosis is not severe, and developed naturally later in life, you can qualify for Standard insurance rates. You will need to be otherwise healthy and not use tobacco products. Complications such as recent fractures or severe impact on movement may still be approved but expect to pay higher rates. Every insurance company judges…

life insurance with kidney disease

Life Insurance Approval with Kidney Disease

I think you’ll agree that finding affordable life insurance with a health condition like kidney disease can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be…Advancements in underwriting and risk assessment h​ave come a long ways. Certain insurance companies are willing to offer life insurance (with fair rates) to many people they used to turn away.

life insurance with pancreatitis

Life Insurance with Pancreatitis

Fortunately, for Americans with health issues, many life insurers are now willing to take a chance on people with diseases like pancreatitis. First things first, you should become educated about your disease and understand how underwriters will view it.

life insurance with lupus

Life Insurance with Lupus

You have probably heard that it’s hard to find life insurance if you have Lupus. Is that true? ​Sort of….The truth is, finding affordable life insurance with any health condition can be challenge if you don’t know what to do. If you have good resources (and expert help) then you’re in good shape….

how to get life insurance when you have ulcers

Life Insurance with Ulcers

The underwriter will also want information concerning when you were diagnosed, what medications you are taking, if you have any gastrointestinal bleeding, and whether your ulcer is healing, staying the same, or ….

life insurance with addisons disease

Life Insurance With Addison’s Disease

Getting approved for affordable life insurance rates if you have Addison’s disease can be pretty tough. Or is it? Sure, Addison’s will matter but cheer up! Not all hope is lost. It turns out that if follow good advice, you can find reasonable rates and get…

life insurance with crohns disease. Rock in water on beach.

Life Insurance with Crohn’s Disease: How Will My Rates Be Affected?

Life with Crohn’s Disease can be a rollercoaster experience. Flare-ups can be so severe, they result in hospitalization. In fact, an estimated 57,000 people are hospitalized for complications of Crohn’s Disease every year. For most people, however…

Life insurance with sleep apnea - wooden dock on lake with mountains in the background

Life Insurance Approval with Sleep Apnea

Of course, sleep apnea is not just an inconvenience; it’s a health concern that could affect your eligibility for life insurance. In fact, many underwriters consider it a very serious health condition. Why?

life insurance after breast cancer - Womens health symbol in pink ribbon on wooden board.

Life Insurance After Breast Cancer

Coverage is easily purchased by low-risk individuals who are young and in good health; but what about those who have a spotted medical history – specifically, those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer? It is no secret that many people have been denied coverage due to pre-existing medical conditions, but you may be surprised to….

life insurance with epilepsy and seizures-black rock on the beach with waves crashing

Life Insurance with Epilepsy and Seizures: What You Must Know

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, more people live with epilepsy than autism, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and muscular sclerosis, COMBINED. You are certainly not alone here. You are also not alone in wanting to protect your family with life insurance. Now you also are not alone in finding the fairest and most affordable coverage….

Life Insurance with High Cholesterol: How to Pay Low Rates

Cholesterol and triglycerides are fatty substances found in the bloodstream. When the level of lipids is high, this is known as hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia can lead to a build-up of the lining of the blood vessels. Ultimately, this prevents oxygen from reaching the heart. As you can imagine, this is a serious concern when applying for life insurance….

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