Top No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies in 2020

Ty Stewart - Founder - Written by Ty Stewart - Last Updated May 17, 2020

I created this in-depth no medical exam life insurance guide because I know how confusing it is to compare term life insurance plans. 

Things change fast and information can quickly become outdated. I’ll continue to update this guide so you always have the most current and accurate information available – so that you can make informed decisions in protecting your loved ones.

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No Exam Carrier Comparison Chart

Company NameHow much does it cost?How quick is the approval process?How much coverage is available without an exam?How financially strong is this company? (A.M. Best Rating)Will they need to review my medical records?
how to get life insurance without a medical exam at American Amicable
$$3 days up to 3 weeks if medical records required.$50,000-$400,000ASometimes. At discretion of underwriter.
American Amicable no exam insurance
$48 hours up to 30 days if medical records required.$50,000-$250,000ASometimes. At discretion of underwriter.
Assurity simplified issue life insurance
$$$$1 week up to 30 days if medical records required.$50,000-$350,000A-Sometimes. At discretion of underwriter.
Fidelity express issue life insurance policy
$$$Within 24 hours$25,000-$250,000A-No. Never.
Foresters no medical exam company
$$15 minutes$50,000-$400,000ANo. Never.
Mutual of Omaha simplified issue insurance without the medical examination
$$$1-3 weeks$25,000-$400,000A+Sometimes. At discretion of underwriter.
Nassau no exam life insurance
$$Same day up to 3 weeks if medical records required.$50,000-$500,000BDepends on policy choosen.
Principal accelerated underwriting life insurance with no exam
$48 hours up to 4 weeks if medical records required.$50,000-$1,000,000A+Sometimes. At discretion of underwriter.
Sagicor express issue no exam life insurance
$$a few minutes$50,000-$1,000,000ANo. Never.
SBLI term life insurance policy that does not require taking a paramedical exam
$1 day up to 30 days if medical records required.$100,000-$500,000A+Sometimes. At discretion of underwriter.
life insurance without a medical exam at Transamerica company
$$7 days up to 30 days if medical records required.$25,000-$249,999A+Sometimes. At discretion of underwriter.

What Does "No Medical Exam" Really Mean?

There is still underwriting so it doesn't mean you can hide bad health.

Most of the process is done electronically, checking several different database records. This means the decisions are much quicker and nobody comes to your house with a needle to draw blood.

Many companies are now offering up to $500,000 coverage for no medical policies. If you need more than that, you can combine multiple policies, totally fine, and we see it all the time.

Compare quotes right here from 20+ different non-med insurance providers.

How Much Does Term Life Insurance Cost When Skipping the Exam?

Probably not as much as you think.

You no longer have to pay a ton for the privilege of bypassing the medical exam. These days, good life insurance coverage from reputable companies can be found for pretty cheap.

In fact:

Some companies now offer the same rates as their fully underwritten products.

We did a pretty extensive study comparing thousands of rates to find how much more consumers pay for life insurance without the annoying exam.

We found that for some, it's the same, not a penny more. On average it was 10-15% more expensive.

How recent changes in the no exam life insurance marketplace benefit shoppers
  • No exam choices and options are increasing
  • Competition is driving the price of premiums down
  • Coverage limits of non-med policies are going up
  • Underwriting times and approvals are getting faster
  • All of which is great news for you - the life insurance shopper!

Best No Exam Life Insurance Companies for 2020

Foresters - Your Term


Foresters no exam life insurance company logo
  • Very fast underwriting decision, within 15 minutes and do not ever request an APS.
  • Includes living benefits.
  • Competitive rates at the Standard health class.
  • Good for diabetics
  • Annually renewable up to age 100 without proving insurability again.


  • Preferred health class does require a medical exam

in 2017, Foresters really stepped up their game in the non-med space and is currently one of our most popular choices for life insurance without an exam. Rated "A" (excellent) by A.M. Best means there are no concerns this company will be around to pay out claims.

One great thing is the underwriting process, it's fast, all digital, and they don't need to review your doctor's records. Decisions come back within 15 minutes.

Foresters includes living benefits for critical illnesses and still manages to be one of the cheaper term life products that don't require a physical.

The underwriting department is rather foregiving for several medical conditions allowing approvals here that other carriers would deny or charge more for.

About the only drawback we can think of is the lack of Preferred health classes for the non-med "Your Term" product. If you are in excellent health, you may find cheaper premiums at another company.

Foresters also has a final expense product that is used to cover burial and other funeral expenses, this is whole life insurance.

For more info, read our breakdown of Foresters No Exam Term Life Insurance.

Sample No Medical Exam Term Rates - Foresters

40-year-old male at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount20 year25 Year30 year

35-year-old female at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount20 year25 Year30 year

Sagicor - Sage Term


Sagicor Sage term no exam life insurance
  • 100% electronic underwriting, very fast approvals. Many decisions same day.
  • Has Preferred health class option. Good choice for people in excellent health.
  • Up to $1,000,000 death benefit.


  • Do not have 30-year terms.
  • Stricter underwriting for some specific medical issues.

Sagicor is a major player in the non-med policy market. With an A.M. Best grade of (A-) and quick approval times, it's no wonder it continues to be popular among our clients.

The underwriting process is fully digital and they'll never ask to see your medical records. Most approvals are done within a few minutes. Hard to find anything faster.

Policy face amounts go up as high as $1,000,000, which is among the highest for no exam life. Another great thing is they are one of the few companies that will give you a Preferred health class. This makes them definitely one to consider if you are in great health as you'll save a ton. On the flip side, they will take substandard business which is cases that have some health challenges.

Sagicor also offers their Sage NLUL (No Lapse Universal Life) product and this too can be issued without the need for a medical exam. This is a universal life insurance policy​ with face amounts of $25,000 to $400,000.

For more info, see our detailed Sagicor no exam review.

Sample No Exam Premiums - Sagicor

40-year-old male at Preferred health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year15 Year20 year

35-year-old female at Preferred health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year15 Year20 year

Principal Life Insurance


principal no exam life insurance
  • Rates the same as fully underwritten, meaning you don't pay more for skipping the exam.
  • Up to $1,000,000 policy face amount.


  • Must be in excellent health to qualify, only offered for Preferred health ratings.

Principal offers a unique twist on the no exam marketplace. This is their regular term life insurance product but a portion of applicants will be considered for the accelerated underwriting program. This does require excellent health and is only for Preferred levels.

If you are a fit for the program, you are approved electronically within 2 days and pay don't pay any extra, the rates are literally the same as someone who went through full underwriting and submitted blood and urine samples.

For those that do not meet the criteria for accelerated underwriting, you may be asked for an attending physicians report and possibly even have to undergo the paramedical exam.

$1 million coverage limit is much higher than all the other choices out there. So, if you are in great health and need more than $500,000 in life insurance, Principal may be a good fit.

For more info, see write up on Principal No Exam insurance.

Sample No Exam Term Life Quotes - Principal

43-year-old male at Preferred health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

36-year-old female at Preferred health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

American National - Signature Term Express


American National no exam life insurance company
  • Approvals can be very fast if no medical records requested.
  • Low pricing for most ages.
  • Nice variety of riders.


  • Only $250,000 in maximum coverage.
  • Can take 30 days or longer in some case when medical records review is needed.

American National is another financially strong insurance company playing in the non-med game. They have an "A" grade from A.M. Best. Their underwriting is known for approving some tougher cases with medical issues although this may require a little longer, but usually worth the wait.

ANICO includes what are known as "living benefits" automatically. These allow for the acceleration of the death payout in cases of certain illnesses. They do this while still staying very competitively priced. American National is definitely high on the list of no exam life insurance companies.

In addition to the no exam term product, they have a whole life policy for up to $150,000 that does not require a physical examination either.

For more info, see our detailed American National no medical exam review.

Sample No Medical Term Life Premiums - American National

40-year-old male at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

35-year-old female at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

Transamerica - Trendsetter LB


Transamerica no medical exam life insurance policy
  • Great riders included as living benefits.
  • Very well known company with A+ financial rating.


  • Longer underwriting time than other non-med carriers.
  • Maximum death benefit of $249,999.
  • Highest health class available without taking an exam is Standard.

Transamerica has been around since 1928 and is on very strong financial footing reflected in their excellent A+ confidence from A.M. Best. In terms of their no medical offer, most reading this can probably do better. 

It does excel in the living benefits. You'll get some nice ones standard with the policy, and they have even more options (at a cost) to further customize things to meet your needs.

$250k is bit low these days in terms of maximum death benefits but if you don't need high coverage and like the extras, it may be worth considering.

For more info, read our Transamerica no exam policy review.

Sample No Exam Term Life Insurance Rates - Transamerica

43-year-old male at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

39-year-old female at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

American Amicable - Term Life Made Simple


American Amicable non-med life insurance policy
  • Can be renewed through age 95 without having to re-qualify your health.
  • Includes very nice riders and policy benefits.
  • Can be converted to a permanent life insurance policy up to age 75.
  • Offers Preferred health class.


  • A little pricey for some age and health groups.

The "Term Made Simple" policy by American Amicable strives to be just that and is popular choice for our clients. They are an "A" rated carrier with rating agency A.M. Best and one of the first companies to sell life insurance (1910).

Up to $400,000 in face amount is available without having to take a medical exam or submit any blood work. American Amicable includes several riders in the base premium price with the choice of many others to meet your needs. A nicely rounded life insurance policy.

For more info, see our detailed American Amicable no exam review.

Sample No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes - American Amicable

42-year-old male at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

38-year-old female at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

Assurity - Lifescape Non-Med Term 350


no exam life insurance with Assurity
  • Lenient underwriting as far as no exam choices go.
  • Preferred rates for those in really good health.
  • Good rates if you smoke or use tobacco.


  • Some of the most expensive premiums among no exam companies unless you are in great health.

Assurity is a solid option but it's only right for certain people such as those in excellent health and possibly smokers. The rates at the lower health classes are among some of the most expensive.

No concerns on the financial front as an A.M. Best "A-" rated insurer. Assurity does have the ability to place some tougher cases that other insurance carriers won't approve without an exam.

For more info, take a look at our Assurity No Exam Review.

Sample No Medical Exam Premiums - Assurity

40-year-old male at Standard Plus health class – pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year15 year20 Year30 year

35-year-old female at Standard Plus health class – pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year15 year20 Year30 year

Fidelity Life - Rapid Decision Express


Fidelity life no exam insurance company
  • Fully digital underwriting process, no medical records. Most approvals done same day.
  • Guaranteed renewable with no underwriting up to age 95.


  • Only goes up to Standard class, not good choice if you are in great health.
  • Pricing is high.

Fidelity really excels in the technology game when it comes to underwriting. You will have a decision within 48 hours. They will check your driving record, Medical Information Bureau, and prescription (Rx) history. All done within minutes. Never any doctors records review, exam, blood, or urine tests of any kind.

Very strong receiving an "A" rating from A.M. Best, Fidelity is a well known name in the insurance industry. We don't place a ton of clients with them but when it's right, it's right, and certainly is one to consider.

For a deeper dive see our Fidelity No Exam Review

Sample Term Life Quotes with No Exam - Fidelity

40-year-old male at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

35-year-old female at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

SBLI - Guaranteed Level Premium Term


SBLI no medical exam life insurance company logo
  • Low cost. Very competitive in most age ranges.
  • All health classes available without an exam.
  • Up to $500,000 face amount.


  • 60 is maximum age for new policies.
  • Physicians records are often requested, slowing down the approval time.

SBLI uses all health classes without an exam. They do it at the same rates as fully underwritten insurance so it's a great company to consider if you want to forgo getting pricked.

By offering all health levels, you can take advantage of your good health and save money. On the other side, they'll approve people with some health concerns, even without needing the examination.

The underwriting process can be very quick for some as they strive to do it all electronically. In this case, approvals can come back same day. For those applicants that require medical records review, the process can take up to 30 days for an answer.

With great pricing, a strongly rated company, and all health classes available, SBLI is a major player right now for no exam policies.

For more info, see our detailed SBLI no medical exam review.

Sample No Physical Exam Rates - SBLI

42-year-old male at Standard Plus health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

39-year-old female at Standard Plus health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

Mutual of Omaha - Term Life Express


Mutual of Omaha no medical insurance company logo
  • Very strong company, one of the few with an A+ financial mark.
  • Excellent living benefits included.
  • Very liberal build chart, helps get more people approved.


  • More expensive than other no medical policies.
  • Highest health class available is Standard.

Mutual of Omaha is one of the most well known names when it comes to life insurance and receives the 2nd highest financial stability rating possible (A+) from A.M Best agency. It's no surprise they possess a solid product for those wanting to skip the exam. They even offer smaller whole life insurance policies that don't require it.

Term Life Express includes some really good living benefits you don't see elsewhere, such as the Residential Damage Rider which pays you out on damage to your home.

The cost of premiums is a little higher than others but depending on needs, it can be a good value when you look at everything you are getting for your money. 

Similar to many other non-med carriers, they do not give access to the higher health levels unless you take a medical examination. If you are in excellent health, this probably is not your best option.

​For more info, see our Mutual of Omaha No Exam Review

Sample No Exam Term Life Quotes - Mutual of Omaha

40-year-old male at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

35-year-old female at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

Nassau - Safe Harbor Term™ 


Nassau Reinsurance Group logo
  • Great living benefits that pay a high percentage.
  • Can apply up to age 80 for 150k in coverage.
  • Up to $500,000 death benefit.


  • Standard is the best health rating available.
  • "B+" rated insurance company.

This product packs quite a bit of value for the price. The living benefits are as good or better than just about every other non-medical insurance carrier out there. If these kick in, the policy holder can take up to 95% of the face amount which is really high.

Formerly known as Phoenix life insurance company, Nassau uses an express product that is approved within 24 hours and those that don't qualify may need their medical records reviewed but still won't need to submit to any blood or urine samples.

This can also be a good one for those with some health concerns that don't want to go through with a paramedical exam. Nassau will still approve many cases at sub-standard rates although you'll pay more.

Nassau allows for conversion to permanent insurance withing the first 5-10 years of policy issuance, depending on the term length chosen.

Sample No Medical Exam Premiums - Nassau Life Insurance

33-year-old male at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

33-year-old female at Standard health class - pricing per month

Coverage Amount10 year20 Year30 year

How Does the No Medical Process Work?

The typical life insurance process involves a paramedical professional or "paramed" coming out to your home to perform a physical examination.

While there, they measure your blood pressure levels, check your cholesterol, record your height and weight, and collect a blood and urine sample.

There will also be detailed health questions about your medical history and any medications and supplements you take. This information will be sent to the underwriting department who compare it against their company guidelines.

You may also need to submit information about your employer, income, and salary to help determine just how much life insurance coverage you qualify for.

but without the exam...

Yes, there is still underwriting, but's faster and easier, this why these policies are often called "simplified issue".

They will run some electronic checks on your driving record, pharmacy (Rx) report, and the MIB, which is a consumer reporting agency that insurance companies share medical information within.

Who Should Buy Non-Med Life Policies?

The big three we see most often are:

1) Time - We are all busy and finding time to have the paramed out to do it just isn't convenient.​

2) Fear of needles or blood - This is real and it's a major reason people delay putting a life insurance policy in place.​

3) Need the coverage in force fast - with most life insurance companies, the no exam route will be much quicker.​

The important reason people don't know about​ - You haven't been to the doctor in some time. If it's been more than 2 years your vital levels like cholesterol may have changed slightly for the worse which means you'll pay more.

We usually advise our clients to get a no exam policy in place first.

If you like, you can always go look for a fully underwritten policy afterward if you are willing to submit to the exam to try and save a few more bucks.

If you do it the other way around, there is no going back, those lab results are now part of your medical files and will be seen, even by non-medical underwriting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about no exam insurance

What is the oldest age to apply for a no exam policy?

New York Life and Nassau Insurance company will both accept applications up to age 80. Final Expense policies can go as high as 89

What is the highest death benefit available for a non-med policy?

Principal and John Hancock both offer 1 million without taking an exam if you are in excellent health and qualify for the Preferred rate class. Sagicor, SBLI, and Nassau all go up to 500k at lower health classes.

Can I combine no exam policies from different companies?

Yes, policies from different companies can be stacked to get a higher coverage amount. Separate applications and underwriting reviews will be required.

Do I have to disclose a risky hobby or job on the application?

Only if they ask about it. Discuss your specific situation with an independent agent so you apply at the right company.

Is no medical exam life insurance available in my state?

Yes, there are no exam policies offered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Certain insurance companies may not do business in some states. New York, in particular, has fewer exam options.

How much more does it cost for a no medical exam policy?

Anywhere from 0% to 43% higher. We will typically provide our clients with both options so they can decide. For more info, see our detailed cost comparison.

Is Guaranteed Issue life insurance really guaranteed?

Yes. As long as you fall in the age range, everyone is approved. The high cost, low coverage amount, and waiting periods for death benefits allow this to be possible. This should always be a last resort after you have worked with your independent broker to discuss options.

Can whole life insurance be purchased without taking a medical exam?

Yes. Many companies now offer small whole life policies that do not require a medical exam. The above guide focuses mainly on term life no exam policies but many of these same insurers have whole life options too. Contact us to discuss this if interested.

Many no exam term policies also offer the right to convert to a permanent product down the road. 

Is there still underwriting and medical questions for no exam policies?

Yes. The other parts of the underwriting process are very important with no exam policies since the company can't rely on the lab results. An in-depth explanation including exactly what is checked can be seen in our earlier section on the no exam underwriting process.

What is the fastest no exam coverage available?

Nassau life insurance company offer immediate decisions on certain products and SimplyTerm from Prudential is usually done in 2 days. Sagicor and Fidelity can approve same day and usually within 72 hours. Metlife can do approvals in 1-2 days.

What health classes are available on policies that don't require a medical exam?

Many insurance carriers will only offer up to the Standard health class on their no exam products. Sagicor and SBLI will offer Preferred rate classes for those in excellent health. Principal and Prudential will ONLY offer Preferred.

Can I do the application myself?

Most of the companies require an agent to submit the application with you. This is for your protection and does not cost you anything. Life insurance rates are fixed by law so nothing is saved by applying directly to the insurance carrier even if they allow it.

Need Help?

If you hadn't noticed by now, we are pretty passionate about no medical exam life insurance. We believe it will continue to grow and improve to the point where it's the standard.

If you'd like to have a no pressure chat about options for protecting your loved ones, check out some quotes on our site and enter your information so we can get in touch with you soon.​

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