No Exam Life Insurance for Diabetics

Quick Summary: No exam coverage Is available with life insurance for diabetics. The maximum coverage can be up to $2,000,000  with many carriers limiting to lower death benefit amounts. Your type of diabetes, medications, and overall health will determine how much you pay. Just because there is no exam does not mean there is no underwriting with certain life insurance companies.

With the increasing number of life insurance companies offering various life insurance products, it is possible to find coverage tailored to your specific needs. Shopping for insurance with certain health issues can be a challenge. As a diabetic, you may have already experienced this frustration. Many life insurance companies will charge higher rates or flat-out deny you.

type 1 diabetic no exam life insurance

But wait...

Advancements in medicine and underwriting have made life insurance for diabetics not only possible but available without taking a medical exam for many.

Diabetes affects over 30 million people in the US, of which about 5% are type 1. You are probably well aware that these days, diabetics can live long and healthy lives. So why should you not be able to have insurance like everyone else? Well, you can.

Through this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining life insurance coverage, provide insight into the best life insurance companies for diabetics, and explain how your medical history can sometimes (but not always) affect your eligibility and premiums. 

Whether you suffer from Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes, there are policies out there that can meet your needs and ensure you are protected, and, in the worst-case scenario, your loved ones are protected with a maximum death benefit.

How Does No Exam Life Insurance Work?

Typical life insurance for diabetics policies traditionally requires the applicant to undergo a physical exam. This is usually done by a paramedical that comes to your house or place of business. During this exam, you'll submit a blood and urine sample, as well as have your blood pressure taken.

No exam life insurance coverage, also known as guaranteed issue insurance or simplified issue life insurance, offers a more convenient alternative for obtaining a life insurance policy. No exam coverage is just like it sounds, there is no medical exam required. Instead, the insurer relies on your answers to a health questionnaire and reviews your medical records, if necessary, to determine your eligibility and life insurance rates, making the whole process nice and simple.

Some of the main reasons this type of coverage is popular life insurance for diabetics are:
Reasons why skipping the medical exam for your life insurance policy makes sense
  • Scheduling the exam is a hassle "and time-consuming"
  • Fear of needles or blood
  • "An aversion to undergoing medical tests"
  • Need "term" life insurance coverage in place fast
  • "Concerns about revealing other health concerns or complications"

By skipping the medical exam, the life insurance application process is nice and streamlined, and you can potentially get approved for a policy much faster than with traditional underwriting (although, of course, there are no guarantees).

Once the exam is done, the results are sent to the lab for review. This whole process typically takes several weeks. So skipping the exam speeds things up considerably.

For those with diabetes, no exam coverage can allow some people to be approved when they otherwise would not be. This type of policy is particularly quite handy for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, or even gestational diabetes, as these are people who traditionally may have difficulty getting approved for a traditional term life insurance policy or whole life insurance policy due to their medical history and/or diabetes-related complications.

However, it is worth remembering that no-exam policies often come with higher premiums compared to policies that require a medical exam, for example, as the life insurance provider assumes more risk in insuring applicants without the benefit of a full medical evaluation. 

Despite this, many people with diabetes find that no exam coverage provides them with the financial protection they need, making it a valuable option that is probably worth considering.

What Types Of Policies Can Diabetics Get?

You are not limited at all as a diabetic. Whether you're looking for term life insurance, universal life insurance, or permanent policies such as whole life insurance, there are options available to you, and most with no exam options. 

Life insurance companies have recognized the growing demand for policies that cater to those with chronic health conditions, like diabetes, and have adjusted their underwriting guidelines accordingly.

Face amounts for no-exam policies range from $5,000 to $2,000,000. Depending on your individual needs and the life insurance coverage you require, you can find a policy that fits your situation. You can also stack multiple policies together from different companies to achieve the level of coverage you need.

Additionally, some of the best life insurance companies offer no-exam policies specifically designed for diabetics, taking into account the unique challenges and risks associated with this chronic health condition. 

Many no-exam policies also offer riders to customize their policy, such as living benefits which allow you to receive a portion of the death benefit early while still living if you develop a critical or terminal illness."

Another popular rider is the waiver of premium rider, which waives your life insurance premiums if you become disabled and are unable to work. Conversion options to permanent insurance are also very common. These are great since it gives you the option down the road to move into a permanent policy before the term period is up. 

This can be especially valuable for diabetics who maintain a healthy lifestyle and effectively manage their blood sugar levels, as they may qualify for more favorable life insurance rates.

With most insurers, you can do this without even having to demonstrate health and prove insurability. This means that even if your health status changes, you can still secure the financial protection your loved ones need. 

We never know what the future will hold, so it's nice to know you can still keep your life insurance if your health deteriorates.

Bottom line: Diabetics have a variety of life insurance options to choose from, including term life, whole life, and universal life policies, without the necessity for a medical examination. By carefully considering your needs and comparing life insurance quotes from multiple life insurance providers, you can find the best life insurance policy that fits your unique situation.

Who Can Apply?

You probably don't need reminding, but just to be safe, let's do that:

All diabetics are not exactly the same. Each individual's experience with diabetes can vary, depending on factors such as age, overall health, and the success of their treatment plan. These days we are seeing eligibility, even without the exam, for the following types of diabetes:
  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Insulin controlled
  • Oral medication controlled

Since not everyone is the same, it will depend on your own personal situation, including not only your diabetes but other health concerns, medical history, and lifestyle factors. An independent broker can educate you on the right moves to take to find the best fit and help you compare options from various life insurance companies.

What Will They Ask About my Diabetes?

On the application, you will be asked regular questions about your age, gender, health history, medical history, tobacco use, alcohol use, family history, employment, and any dangerous hobbies you participate in, such as rock climbing.

Relative to your diabetes, be prepared with the following information:

no exam life insurance questions for diabetics
  • How often you visit the doctor. What is the plan of treatment?
  • When were you initially diagnosed with diabetes?
  • Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • Last blood sugar reading
  • Average blood sugar reading
  • How often do you check your blood sugar?
  • Last AC1 reading
  • Insulin usage history
  • Oral medication history
  • "Diabetes-related complications, such as kidney disease or neuropathy"
  • Have you ever experienced a diabetic coma?
  • Have you ever had insulin shock?

How to Lower Your Rates as a Diabetic

Obtaining more affordable life insurance as a diabetic is possible by proactively managing your condition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Controlling your diabetes to the best of your ability is, ultimately, the best way to lower the rates you'll pay for life insurance. A healthy diet and exercise can contribute to lower body weight and lower A1C levels, very good things for your premiums.

These same lifestyle choices can help reduce the risk of other health complications, such as heart disease or stroke, as well as lower both cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which are               all factors that life insurance companies consider when determining your rates. 

             Additionally, regularly visiting your doctor, following their recommended treatment plan, and                 demonstrating consistent blood sugar control can positively impact your life insurance costs               and improve your chances of securing the best life insurance policy for your needs.

Best Companies - Type 1

American National (Anico) Insurance Company

American National insurance company logo

American National (Anico) Insurance Company

Anico offers a wide variety of well-packaged, reasonably priced, and feature-rich life insurance products, including return of premium term, whole, and universal policies. American National Life has discontinued the standard term life options however they are still an excellent option for guaranteed universal life coverage. 

They have built up a solid reputation for providing highly competitive rates for individuals with Type 1 diabetes, and their underwriting process takes into account the unique challenges faced by people who suffer from diabetes (something that many insurers fail to grasp), making them a top choice for many.

United Home Life Insurance Company

United Home Life Insurance Company logo

United Home Life Insurance Company

United Home Life is known for offering a range of life insurance options, such as term life insurance, permanent life insurance policy options, and whole policies, with a focus on providing coverage for individuals with medical conditions like Type 1 diabetes. They also have a keen focus on the subtle nuances of policy, such as death benefits. 

Their underwriting process is designed to accommodate the needs of diabetics, ensuring that they can secure the coverage they require, ensuring buying life insurance at reasonable rates is a little easier to source.

Best Companies - Type 2

Sagicor Life Insurance Company

Sagicor Life Insurance Company

Sagicor Life has a reputation for offering a wide range of life insurance products, including index universal life , universal policies, and a rather well-packaged whole life insurance policy. Sagicor Life has discontinued their term products.

They are particularly accommodating for individuals with Type 2 diabetes, offering competitive rates and an underwriting process that takes into account the specific needs and challenges faced by those living with this condition.

5 Star Life Insurance Company

5Star life insurance company logo

5 Star Life Insurance Company

5 Star Life Insurance specializes in providing life insurance solutions for people with various medical conditions, including Type 2 diabetes. Their policies, which include term and whole life insurance options in addition to group life insurance, are tailored to meet the unique needs of diabetics, ensuring that they can obtain the coverage they need at affordable rates. 

This might be one of the best life insurance companies for those of you suffering from additional illnesses, aside from diabetics' life insurance.

5 Star Life insurance can be a great option when living with diabetes however they do have small limits on coverage amounts.

Americo Life Insurance 

Americo life insurance company

Americo Life Insurance Compay

Americo Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance policies, including term, whole, permanent life insurance policies and universal life insurance options. Their underwriting process is designed to be inclusive of individuals with Type 2 diabetes, and they have a history of providing competitive rates and comprehensive coverage along with a full death benefit for this particular demographic.

Find the Best No Exam Policy as a Diabetic

There are many different companies offering life insurance without physical exams these days, "including some that specialize in group life insurance, permanent life insurance policies, and guaranteed issue life insurance policies.

How do I pick the right one for me?

The difference in just one level of health class can mean you pay much higher rates. Without researching and calling every single company, you may not know if you are choosing the right one for your diabetic condition and health history.

As an independent broker, we are not loyal to any one insurance carrier and can aggressively shop around on YOUR behalf. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge in the no-medical exam area. There is no cost or pressure to talk about options, and please be assured that we are extremely happy to help!


We thought it might be prudent to wrap this article up with a quick summary and a few additional pointers. It is essential for individuals with diabetes to find affordable life insurance tailored to their specific needs, so let's go through a few more things just to help round this off and leave you with the best perspective.

With guidance from an experienced independent broker and a clear understanding of available options, it is possible to secure the coverage you need without breaking the bank. 

As you navigate the process of searching for the best life insurance company that caters to the unique circumstances of someone who suffers from diabetes, remember that each company will have its own underwriting guidelines and rates, making it crucial to shop around. As an independent broker with no bias toward any insurer, we can help you in that endeavor.

When looking to purchase life insurance, it is important to consider the various risk factors and how they may (or may not) impact your rates. For diabetics, this includes managing their blood sugar levels, leading a health-conscious lifestyle, and staying on top of any potential complications that may arise, but of course, you are aware of that already. By doing so, however, you can minimize the impact of your diabetes on your life insurance premiums.

It is worth keeping in mind that certain policies, like whole life insurance, may offer a cash value component, which can be a huge benefit when planning for your financial future.

Lastly, don't forget that insurance is designed to provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones! Whether you are insulin-dependent or not, having the right coverage in place will ensure that your family is protected from financial burdens, such as funeral expenses and other end-of-life costs, in the absolute worst-case scenario.

While it's true that diabetics may pay higher premiums than their non-diabetic counterparts, the security and peace of mind that come with a solid life insurance policy are well worth the investment. 

Take the time to explore your options and make a decision that best suits your needs, and remember, we are here to help!