A child rider allows you to add life insurance for your child onto your basic policy. While no one wants to ever think of losing a child, the situation does result in financial consequences along with the emotional devastation….

You’ve already given so much to your grandchildren and have impacted their lives in more ways than you can know. Long after you’re gone, the memories and legacy you’ve created will live on forever. What better way to add to that legacy than giving the gift of….

What some parents really struggle with when thinking about purchasing life insurance for special needs children is the possibility that they might live longer than their child. No parent wants to even fathom the thought that they might outlive their child. However, depending on your child’s disability….

When going through divorce proceedings, couples often forget that life insurance policies, in particular, whole life policies are significant financial assets that must be considered. There are many variables involved with life insurance and divorce, making it a complex….

Almost anyone can recognize what an important role a stay at home mother has but few actually consider what the cost of these many services would be if performed by someone else….

Part of final arrangements may need to include life insurance for your parents, where you name yourself as the beneficiary. At the very least, this will ensure any burial and final expenses will be covered….

Most young couples just starting a life together choose term life insurance. That’s because it’s the most affordable insurance option and it lets you get coverage for a specific period of time like 10 or 20 years, which is likely when you will need coverage the most. During your first few decades together, you can use your savings to invest your money and grow….

A family life insurance policy is typically a term life insurance policy that covers everyone in your family with a single policy. In most cases, the policy covers two adults but you can choose to add children to your policy with….