Blood Pressure

Diabetes and Prudential Life Insurance

Written by Ty Stewart

Life insurance companies are in the business of judging risk and will base their decisions and your premium payments off this risk analysis. High blood sugar can have adverse effects on the body leading to a stroke or accelerating the development of…

How Prudential Looks at High Blood Pressure for Life Insurance Rates

Written by Ty Stewart

Underwriters will look at average BP levels over the past 12 months. If an applicant’s readings are above the maximum thresholds, you can still get approved, but with substandard rates using what are known in the industry as table ratings….

Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure: 8 Important Questions Answered

Written by Ty Stewart

Great news! Despite what you may have heard, you CAN qualify for low life insurance rates even if you have high blood pressure. A little bit of bad news. It’s not quite as easy as just applying at a bunch of companies….