John Hancock Life Insurance with No Medical Exam – Review

Written by Ty Stewart

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Quick Summary: A unique product, some of our clients love this no exam option. John Hancock will only allow those to skip the exam who are in excellent health so it's not for everyone. Then, after being approved, you can accumulate health points to lower your rate by doing things like getting a flu shot and eating healthy. Can get up to 1 million in no exam coverage.

Need coverage fast and don't like needles? No exam life insurance is one of our specialties. Let us help you compare options and find the right fit for your unique situation.

About the Company

John Hancock Life Insurance Company has been serving its clients for over 150 years. With 3.5 million policyholders, they are a name that is trusted by many.

John Hancock no exam insurance company logo

When you purchase a life insurance policy, you want to be confident the company will be around many years into the future to pay out claims in the event of a death. John Hancock pays out over $2.3 billion annually in claims. 

Financial strength rating agencies all agree that JH is on solid footing. A.M. Best, Moody's, S&P, and Fitch all assign very good marks for stability and solvency.

About the Policy

Product Name

SmartProtect Term with Vitality


$100,000 to $1,000,000

Issue Age

20 to 60

Term Length

10, 15, 20 years

Underwriting Process

John Hancock is strict on their underwriting for non-med policies and only considers people in excellent health. Because of this, the approval process is rather quick and mostly digital. 

What they will check: 

  • check
    Medical Information Bureau - past life insurance approvals and denials
  • check
    MVR - Motor Vehicle Report -  speeding tickets, DUI, etc
  • check
    Rx database - a record of any prescription drugs

Decision Time

Although it can happen, it's rare that John Hancock underwriters will request to see your medical records from your doctor. Decision timeline is typically 2-7 days.


Fast approval process.

A system to earn points to maintain and earn lower premiums as time goes by.

One of the highest non-med coverage limits available - $1 million.


Must be in excellent health to be approved.

Initial rates are expensive before you earn the health deductions.

Extras and Options

For an additional cost, John Hancock offers the Accelerated Benefit Rider. If the insured falls sick to a terminal illness, they may access a portion of the death benefit while still living. If used, the death benefit amount will be reduced by the amount of living benefits received.

Included at no cost, John Hancock allows for conversion to permanent or whole life policy before the 10th anniversary of policy issue. Even if you have developed health concerns, these will not affect your eligibility for conversion.


Due to the way the John Hancock Vitality no medical exam product works, it's very difficult to provide accurate sample rates. The premiums are based in part on the level achieve within their health point system for doing things like exercising, visiting the doctor regularly, and getting flu shots. 

These levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. People who earn points and stick the with program will keep moving up in levels and watch their rates go down. 

If you are interested in a quote, contact our office. Feel free to submit a quote form to look at other no exam rates and companies. When we contact you, mention you are interested in John Hancock.

How to Find the Cheapest No Exam Insurance Policy

The John Hancock product is unique and very interesting but is only a good fit for a small percentage of people. Are you one of them?

You might be, but...

There a TONS of other companies that offer no medical policies as well. It's worth exploring the options and differences to make sure you choose right.

The best way is by working with an independent life insurance broker who is:

  1. Unbiased and not obligated to any particular life insurance company.
  2. ​Has access to all the top no exam products as well as some niche products for certain people/situations.
  3. Is a specialist in the no exam area.

You're in luck:) 

Helping with life insurance approvals-Climbers helping each other to climb the mountain

We do all the above and more. If you'd like to have a no pressure talk about options, please contact us or fill out the quote request form on this site.

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Ty Stewart is the founder of SimpleLifeInsure. He is an independent life insurance agent that works for his clients nationwide to secure affordable coverage while making the process simple. There is never any cost to use his services.

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