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Ty Stewart is a founder and contributor of He started researching and studying about life insurance when he got his first policy for his own family. He has been featured as a life insurance expert speaker at agent conventions and in top publications. As an independent licensed life insurance agent he has helped clients nationwide to secure affordable coverage while making the process simple.
Life Insurance for 40 Year Olds

Life Insurance for 40-Year-Olds: The Complete Guide

Some believe life insurance policies are reserved for seniors - and if not seniors, at least for people over 50. Indeed, if you asked most 40-year-olds whether they have a comprehensive life insurance policy, the answer would probably be no. The reality is that your 40s might be the last call to get your life…
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middle-aged couple standing outside house

Life Insurance for People Over 50

As you head into your fifties, it's a time of transition; you may be nearing retirement or looking for ways to protect your financial future. It’s also a time when the importance of life insurance becomes more evident. For those in their fifties, now is a great time to consider life insurance coverage if you…
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whole life insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Life is full of surprises. And although we always count on them being good, sometimes we have to face the difficult parts of life as well. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can secure the financial future of your family, so going through the most difficult situation, which is the loss of a loved…
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life insurance for parents - are you covered?

Life Insurance for Parents

Life insurance for parents is a powerful financial tool designed to safeguard your family's future.As a responsible parent, you understand the importance of providing stability and support for your loved ones. By securing a life insurance policy, you can ensure their financial well-being, even in the face of unexpected challenges.This essential coverage helps ease the…
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Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60

Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60 – A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right life insurance for seniors over 60 can be a complex and challenging task. However, it doesn't have to be. This article will take you through the main aspects of over 60 life insurance, including pros and cons, favorite providers, and more. Table of Contents Why Get Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60?What…
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Prudential No Exam Life Insurance Review

Quick Summary: Prudential is one of the strongest companies selling life insurance. Their SimplyTerm no exam policy has an online application and a quick decision process. Only very healthy people will qualify and the pricing is a little high. It is a stripped-down self-service policy that even the Prudential agents cannot help you with. Worth…
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life insurance company ratings

Life Insurance Company Rating Agencies

You may have heard or seen different scores or ratings such "B++" or "Aa2" describing life insurance carriers. But what do they mean exactly and should you care? We'll break it down. Table of Contents What Do Life Insurance Company Ratings Mean?Where To Find The ScoresA.M BestMoody'sFitchStandard & PoorsComdex Insert Content Template or Symbol What Do Life…
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Costco life insurance logo

Should I Buy Life Insurance at Costco?

Tip:  Before securing term life insurance at Costco do an apples to apples comparison of all carriers.  You can secure a lower cost over your full term period instead of only for 5 years.  After September 2019, Costco/Protective are no longer offering the universal life plan, Member Advantage Life UL Insurance. This article will discuss and…
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High-Risk Life Insurance Client Approval Process

You may have heard it's hard to be approved for life insurance if you are considered a risk. You may have already been declined for coverage and searching for help. You may be wondering what the heck is actually considered "high-risk" life insurance? These questions will be answered plus a proven plan to get you approved at the lowest…
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Best Life Insurance for Seniors Over 80: What Are Your Options?

Like many senior citizens, if you are over 80 and have decided to look into purchasing life insurance, it is likely to be an intimidating thought. You do not want to pass on any financial burden to your family, which is admirable. Funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses for numerous health problems, and other financial obligations need…
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Term Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70: What They Don’t Tell You

Whether or not your life insurance policy will actually cover you for your entire life is not something that you should have to worry about. Especially when you’re over 70. You may have felt safe and secure in your life insurance policy when you first purchased your term life insurance plan in your 30s or 40s and…
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Banner 40 Year Term Life Insurance Review – Is It Worth It?

Legal and General America, the parent company of Banner recently announced they will now sell term life policies for 35 and 40 years lengths. Until now, only...
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