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Ty Stewart is the founder of SimpleLifeInsure.com and an independent life insurance agent serving clients in all 50 states. He is the lead writer and editor for the website content. His articles draw upon industry knowledge and experience working with clients and life insurance companies.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) studying Business Economics.

Professional Licensing:

State resident license: California - 0K53393

Additional non-resident licenses held in 50 states.

Industry Expertise:

Ty's insight and analysis into the life insurance industry have been quoted in publications such as BusinessInsider.com, ThinkAdvisor.com, and InsuranceNewsNet.com. He is a regular guest contributor discussing insurance topics on BestLifeRates.org and LifeInsurancePost.com.

Is Life Insurance Through Your Work Enough?

Written by Ty Stewart

We have all had a job that offers life insurance coverage. Is it a good idea? Yes and No. We’ll explain why… On the surface, it seems like a nice gesture, and a great way to get some solid life insurance coverage if you do not have any. However, there are occasions where life insurance.. More

Using Life Insurance to Maximize Your Pension Benefits

Written by Ty Stewart

As you get closer to retirement you might try to simplify your life by simply getting rid of the things that you don’t need anymore. You might stop contributing to your 401k plan. If your kids are grown up you might take a look at your household expenses and consider a less expensive home. You.. More

Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL) Companies

Written by Ty Stewart

Companies change every year. The products and policies they offer change as well. (we update this article constantly) And the right GUL company for one person’s needs will be totally different from the best carrier for someone else. This is due to financial and legacy planning as well as…

How Does Your Family History Affect Life Insurance Rates?

Written by Ty Stewart

Quick Summary: Life insurance rates for people with a family history of health conditions vary widely based on the type of conditions their family members had, what age they developed them, and if any other complications or death have arisen from these conditions. Some carriers will weigh family history more heavily than others during the underwriting.. More

10 Best Term Life Insurance Companies for 2022

Written by Ty Stewart

Insert Content Template or Symbol If you are looking for top-notch term life insurance, you have many reputable companies from which to choose. In this article, we outline the 10 Best Term Life Insurance Companies as it stands now, today.  This list is updated constantly. It is based on our findings that come from working directly with.. More

Life Insurance for People with Bipolar Disorder

Written by Ty Stewart

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) states 4.4% of all American adults will receive a bipolar diagnosis at some point in their lives. This may seem like a small group of people until you actually do the math. NIMH’s statistics mean more than 10 million Americans live with a bipolar diagnosis. Each of these individuals.. More

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance with Cincinnati Life

Written by Ty Stewart

See our unbiased rankings breakdown of all the top guaranteed universal life insurance companies for 2020. Quick Summary: Cincinnati Life’s GUL product has very competitive pricing, especially for women. Qualifying can be difficult and their underwriting process is lengthy and exhaustive. A stripped down policy that does not contain good riders. Table of Contents About the.. More

Mass Mutual Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Review

Written by Ty Stewart

Compare companies and policies that offer guaranteed universal life in our 2022 rankings. Quick Summary: Pricing is not competitive for most age bands. If you are over 70 or looking to do a single premium payment, then should be considered. Rider options are very limited and pricing is hard to obtain. Extremely strong company that.. More

North American Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Review

Written by Ty Stewart

See how North American stacks up against the other top GUL companies in our comprehensive comparison. Quick Summary: A strong company that offers low priced premiums for many age brackets. They do not easily share their pricing online. Could be a good fit for certain health conditions but unfortunately North American does not offer the.. More

Penn Mutual Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance 2022 Review

Written by Ty Stewart

Compare the best companies offering guaranteed universal life insurance in 2020 in our in-depth breakdown. Quick Summary: A strong company with a rich history. Pricing is hard to obtain and higher than other GUL carriers. Does not offer a Standard Plus health rating which will increase premiums for some people. The choices for riders are.. More

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance from Symetra

Written by Ty Stewart

We’ve compared and ranked the best guaranteed universal life companies for 2020. See where Symetra fits in. Quick Summary: If paying a low price is your #1 concern, definitely take a look at Symetra. Their premiums are constantly among the lowest for GUL products. The company itself is not as strong as other competitors and.. More

American National (ANICO) Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Review

Written by Ty Stewart

Compare the best companies offering guaranteed universal life insurance in 2020.  Quick Summary: A very solid company with a strong GUL product. The premiums are on the low side for most scenarios but you will need to qualify and they do have some areas of underwriting that can be tricky. The included guaranteed cash out.. More