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About Ty Stewart

Ty Stewart is the founder of SimpleLifeInsure.com and an independent life insurance agent serving clients in all 50 states. He is the lead writer and editor for the website content. His articles draw upon industry knowledge and experience working with clients and life insurance companies.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) studying Business Economics.

Professional Licensing:

State resident license: California - 0K53393

Additional non-resident licenses held in 50 states.

Industry Expertise:

Ty's insight and analysis into the life insurance industry have been quoted in publications such as BusinessInsider.com, ThinkAdvisor.com, and InsuranceNewsNet.com. He is a regular guest contributor discussing insurance topics on BestLifeRates.org and LifeInsurancePost.com.

Life Insurance For Stroke Victims: 8 Things You Must Know

Written by Ty Stewart

Getting approved for life insurance after a stroke is no easy task. DO NOT just go throwing out a bunch of applications to a bunch of insurance companies hoping one sticks at an affordable rate….

Life Insurance After a DUI or DWI: 6 Important Questions Answered

Written by Ty Stewart

Expect to pay more for your life insurance if you have a DUI on your driving record. Some of you reading this may have already been declined altogether or been told by another agent that you can’t get coverage. However, all hope is not lost. You can get affordable….

Life Insurance Contestability Period

Written by Ty Stewart

The two-year contestability period exists to protect insurance companies from financial loss. Life insurance premiums are based in large part on the medical history and lifestyle of the insured. Things like smoking, using other tobacco products, or participation in dangerous hobbies will lead to higher premiums to account for….

Life Insurance with Asthma: 5 Things You Must Know

Written by Ty Stewart

You CAN get life insurance at a good price having asthma. For some of our clients, we have secured as low as Preferred Plus rates (that is the best)….

Life Insurance with Depression: You Deserve to Be Treated Fairly

Written by Ty Stewart

Depression is a common mental health disorder that affects 6.7% of Americans. You are certainly not alone in dealing with it. You are also NOT alone in the life insurance process. You can expect…

Ultimate Guide to Tobacco Life Insurance

Written by Ty Stewart

yeah, yeah, YEAH, enough already! You’ve heard about the dangers of using tobacco products and are sick of it. We are NOT here to give you warnings or try to change your mind. It’s legal. You are an adult. It’s your choice. What we are here to do: Everything in our power to make sure you get the.. More

Life Insurance for E-Cigarette Smokers: Vape ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Written by Ty Stewart

On the surface, this may seem absurd. E-cigarettes are not tobacco, so one should not have to worry about them carrying the same health risks. There are really 2 reasons why most insurers have thus far refused to consider vaping and e-cigarettes separately…..

Life Insurance and the Body Mass Index: How Will It Affect My Rates?

Written by Ty Stewart

When applying for life insurance, you want to pay attention to BMI extremes the most, Underweight and Obese. Life insurance underwriting is the business of assessing risk based on the collective data of millions of people. Those that fall in the extremes are more likely to have additional health concerns. Those are just the facts and what the data says….

Life Insurance Application Process: What To Expect

Written by Ty Stewart

Taking those factors into account, Jim should NOT be applying with Company X that showed him the cheapest rates. He needs to be with company Z who will let him slide a bit on blood pressure, provided his weight is very healthy (it is). This company also only adds a small extra cost to account for his frequency of rock climbing….

Understanding Life Insurance Health Ratings

Written by Ty Stewart

The job of the underwriter is to guess how long you will live based on your health, behavior, family history, driving history, location, finances, and more. If these factors suggest you will live a long time, you may get a more favorable rating….

Life Insurance Riders: The Ultimate Guide

Written by Ty Stewart

A rider is a life insurance provision purchased separately from your standard policy. Most insurance riders come at an additional cost, but they can be used to customize your policy with extra benefits or coverage. Many standard policies offer little customization options aside from….

15 Easy Ways to Find the Most Affordable Life Insurance to Fit Your Needs

Written by Ty Stewart

Think about it. What is life insurance intended for really? If you die, your beneficiaries will get any assets you have all at once. That likely won’t be enough to last them forever which is why you are purchasing life insurance. To replace the income you would have produced. Since keeping premiums low and saving you money is the goal of this article, let’s talk about the income protection option…..